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About Flashy Photography

Flashy Photography was founded in Bakersfield, CA in 2022 "officially"although we have been unofficially providing our services for several years now. What started out as a hobby, has now become our passion and our profession. We specialize in high end Flash Photography for residential real estate and commercial properties. We offer our clients the highest quality photographs and videos at competitive prices that showcase homes beautifully. Our Company grew organically through word of mouth as demand for our services increased. We look forward to helping more agents, investors, and professionals market their properties with our services. We are honored by the agents and clients that have trusted our services up to this point and look forward to building long lasting relationships with new clients in the future. 

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We are here to help agents sell listings faster with stunning photography. At our core, Flashy Photography is dedicated to providing excellent customer service while delivering the highest quality photographs at affordable prices. Our mission is to create the best photographs and help our clients get their listings sold fast, so they never have to worry about getting their next sale. We want our photos to help  create a connection with potential buyers online to the property before they view it in person.


Our Vision is to stay ahead of the real estate photography and marketing trends and provide new services that our clients will come to expect before they knew they needed it. At Flashy Photography, we want to simplify the entire marketing process with a streamlined order and delivery process to meet the demands of today's fast-paced world. With these two core beliefs, our vision is to become Bakersfield's premier real estate marketing solution.

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